Engineers Club of Dayton Foundation

The Engineers Club Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to support education in engineering and business professions; and the restoration and preservation of the historic Engineers Club of Dayton.


  • Learn the story of the Engineers Club building, an architectural landmark in Dayton, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 
  • What ties together prehistoric tools, Ben Franklin, trust busting, railroads, drug laws, plastics, nanotubes and space travel? Visit Ropewalk, an educational documentary film sponsored by the Engineers Club of Dayton.
  • Visit Dayton Innovation Legacy, a multimedia website featuring Dayton innovators in their own words and pictures. Access over 100 Valley of the Giants and other biographical sketches originally published in Engineers Club newsletters.
  • The Engineers Club mission is to foster the advancement of business, education, engineering and science, and to promote the professional development of its members. Follow Club activities here.

The Wright Brothers ~ In Flight

  • Aviation pioneer Orville Wright was a founding member of the Engineers Club of Dayton and served as its 4th president. Witness footage from some of the world’s first public flights during 1908-1909 in Virginia, France and Italy. Includes the earliest motion pictures ever taken from an airplane. 
  • © Edited by Kate Hagenbuch Martel for the Engineers Club of Dayton Foundation.

1935 Film - Engineers Club of Dayton

  • Take a walking tour of the early Engineers Club, preserved in this 1935 motion picture. Enjoy a front row seat to history as founders Edward Deeds and Charles Kettering reminisce about the club. The reclusive Orville Wright makes a brief cameo and even speaks! 
  • Courtesy of the NCR archive at Dayton History.
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The Dayton Engineers Club Foundation sincerely thanks you for your participation and commitment to restore and maintain our Club to its original condition for the enduring enjoyment of all members.

The Engineers Club of Dayton Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. 

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