REPAIR REPLACE RENEW RESERVE  - ‘1918’ Capital Campaign 

Engineers Club of Dayton Foundation, 110 E. Monument Avenue Dayton, OH 45402  
Phone: (937) 228-2148    Fax:  (937) 228-4794
[  ] Yes! I want to help ensure the Engineers Club is repaired, renewed and reinvigorated to meet its second century. 
[  ]  Add my name to the 1918 Capital Campaign Plaque with my contribution of $1918 or more:  $_______________
I want to fulfill my pledge through:  [  ] One Single Payment  [  ] 60 Monthly Payments for 5 Years (minimum $32 per month to achieve a $1918 gift)  [  ] Other (specify):____________________________
[  ] I pledge another amount: __________  
[  ] I wish to give but remain anonymous
 Method of Payment: [  ]  Invoice on monthly bill   [  ]  Visa    [  ]  MasterCard    [  ]  Other:______
Make checks payable to the Engineers Club of Dayton Foundation 1918 Fund  
If paying by a credit card: Credit Card Number: ______________________Exp. Date:______    
 Billing Address: ______________________________________________________________ 
Signature:  _________________________Date:______________________  
 Name(s) to appear on Pledge roster:______________________________________________
Affiliation/Company (if applicable_________________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________________________________ City:_______________________________________State:________________Zip:_________ Email:_________________________________________________Phone: ______________   
  • The Engineers Club of Dayton Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization. 
  • Tax-deductible contributions to the Engineers Club of Dayton Foundation’s 1918 Capital Campaign also apply to recognition as a member of the Deeds-Kettering-Wright Society ($1,000 minimum cumulative.)      
  • Those wishing to make a five-year pledge of $1918, paid with their Club bill at $32 a month (60 months) will also be recognized as ongoing supporters of the 1918 Capital Campaign.     
  • The Dayton Engineers Club Foundation sincerely thanks you for your participation and commitment to restore and maintain our Club to its original condition for the enduring enjoyment of all members.